Pre-Sales: Insurance Buying

Before we can get you the best cover possible for your business needs, we dive deep into your business operations to understand the risks and perils that your business might be exposed to. Below is how we conduct our insurance buying exercise.

I. Detailed Understanding of Insurable Risks

We gain a deep understanding of how you conduct your business in order to understand your insurable operational risks and moral hazards.

II. Translating Insurable Risks to Tailor-Made Insurance Programs

Since each client has a unique set of operational risks, we identify these and tailor accordingly to prepare a unique insurance program for each client.

III. Invite insurance companies to find the best match

Once we have designed the insurance program that is right for you, we invite insurance companies to bid on the project so that we can help you find the most suitable policy.

IV. Conducting Insurance Bid Exercise

After receiving bids from different insurance companies, we look for the policy that responds best to your insurance needs.

V. Negotiating Premium Policies to get you the best cover

We go the extra mile to negotiate with premium insurance sellers in order to get you the best cover possible.

VI. Careful Review of the Policy

We double check to ensure that the selected policy is error free and stays true to its word.


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