Post-sales: Risk Management Services

  • Each line of business has its own risk management and we make sure that we manage the associated risks during the run of the policies.
  • We are therefore not just Insurance Brokers, we are your Risk Managers – we control the outcome of the risks.
  • We follow up on a daily basis to understand if the risks identified in the pre-sales stage still hold and we ensure that these are being consistently managed.
  • We have access to Risk Engineers that conduct pre-risk surveys in order to eliminate risk even before the onset of a loss.
  • Risk Mitigation: The first step in Risk Management is to eliminate identified risks – if these can’t be eliminated, we take measures to control them in order to reduce the impact of the risks.
  • Once these controls have been applied, we evaluate the extent of these controls and if any further controls are needed.
  • Since understanding of perils is crucial as risk managers, we identify the perils that are cause of a loss.
  • It is therefore inherent in us to identify, mitigate and continually manage your risks – thereby helping reduce your unnecessary operating costs and meet your strategic objectives.
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